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Loving Couple

You and your partner agreed to couples therapy! I am truly happy for the both of you. Recognizing that you need extra help to fully realize the potential of your relationship is a huge, important step. Maybe you're both really excited for this. Maybe you're both terrified. Maybe you just don't know--about therapy or the relationship altogether. Wherever you and your partner are, you are starting at the same place and I am here to support both of you. 

Do you find you and your partner keep on having the same argument over and over again? Or new arguments always seem to land on old problems? Ones you thought you had dealt with. In the moment, the thing felt so important--you were going to defend the thing at all costs. But after the dust settles, you feel a bit... icky. The thing seems a bit petty now. That feeling though, the feeling of not being heard and not being aligned, that still hurts. 


I start at the nervous system. We can have all the communication strategies and insight in the world, but when that fight or flight kicks in, those therapy tools seem to go straight out the window! Instead, learn how both of you can read your own bodies so you can self-regulate before trying to problem solve. 

Together, we will work on how both of you can clarify your relationship's values so you have a framework of understanding when there are differences. I will help you both to better name and share your feelings. I will work with both of you to identify your boundaries so you can both better care for one another in a way that feels meaningful. 

I work with couples of all types, including LGBTIQ2S+, straight, polyamorous, asexual, unmarried, married, never-kids, lots of kids, and those contemplating making the next big step, whatever that means in your relationship. 

Learn more about my approach here. Fees are located in the FAQs. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao
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