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Online Therapy

Online Therapy in Brea, CA

Is online therapy right for me?

Online therapy has become really popular (or, you know,  was the only option) over the last few years, but you may still be on the fence.  But you are also looking for more support (since you landed on this page). You deserve that support and you deserve it now. 

At the beginning of lockdown, about a third of my clients decided to pause their sessions "for a few weeks until we can get back to the office." It was understandable. Therapy is such an intimate, special thing that it felt as if that could never be replicated on a virtual platform. Slowly though, those clients began to trickle back. And to all of their surprise, it worked! They were moving forward and obtaining goals just like before. Many chose to stay remote even when in-person services once again became available.

You never know until you try. If it is really not for you after a few sessions, we can discuss in-person if you are local or you can continue your search for an in-person therapist in your local area. 

What are sessions like? 

There is really no difference between how I guide an in-person or virtual session. Some therapists require their clients behave a certain way on telehealth, but that's not my style. All I ask if that you are not operating a vehicle (I have had more than one side-of-the-road therapy sessions!), you are fully clothed (PJs are OK by me), and you are somewhere private (driveway sessions are a thing). Can't get out of bed? Start that session anyway! Realized you haven't had anything to eat all day? Grab a snack. Or maybe you want to treat your time with more formality--that is totally up to you. Come as you are, as you were, as you want you to be. 

How about couples therapy? 

I have had profound success providing online couples therapy. I find it works best when the couple is sitting together sharing the same screen. The biggest perk of the therapy office is that it provides a "safe container" for the couple to delve into their relationship. The temptation of continuing the session after the camera is turned off is stronger when the couple continues to inhabit the same space. I recommend couples to have a therapy closing routine/ritual to separate the focus of the session from the rest of their week. 

What if I'm not near Brea, California? 

Not a problem! I can provide therapy to anyone currently in California. From the Cascades to the Mojave, the central coast to the central valley, I've got you covered. 

What kind of set up do I need? How secure is it?

I primarily use Doxy for teletherapy and Google Meets as a backup. Both are HIPAA compliant, but using any technology has some level of a security risk. I really like using Doxy because there is nothing to download or sign up for. You can use it from your phone, tablet, or computer. It takes up a bit more bandwidth because of its extra security features, but a little lag here and there is worth it to me. I have had clients use it at campgrounds and rest stops--it gets the job done! You can also easily hide your preview screen if you would prefer not to see yourself during session. 

This is cool and all, but I can get teletherapy way cheaper on some of those subscription-based platforms. 

Yes. You can. However, those subscription-based services have disclaimers that what they are doing is not actual therapy, but something like "counseling support." In general, the therapists are not qualified to provide the level of therapy that you will receive from me. Those services also pay their therapists extremely poorly which means the turnover is high. Therapy comes from a place of connection, so constantly having to start over with a new therapist is the true price you pay for discount therapy. Whether you are in my office or meeting with me virtually, you will get the same level of my expert care, experience, and commitment to your therapeutic journey. 

Want to see what telehealth is like? Click here to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. 

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