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My Approach

Supportive Therapy in Orange County

I come from a somatic (in body) practice. Many therapists utilize a "top down" approach, working on problem solving or processing so as to regulate and finally connect to self. I flip that on its head. I work with my clients to connect to their body so that they can regulate, so the problem solving or processing comes organically and is sustainable.


What does this look like? A lot of woo. I cannot tell you how many of my clients have told me, "I really thought you were full of bullshit for a long time, but nothing else had worked and I liked you, so I gave it a shot. I can't believe how much my life has changed now." 

Western society has trained us to believe that our thoughts and feelings are somehow separate from our bodies. The term "psychosomatic" has somehow become synonymous with "making it up." Remember when you had that stomach ache when you were little and you were told, "It's just in your head?" Like your head isn't part of your body?! Well, we know from decades of research that it's not all in your head, it's in your whole body, woven throughout your nervous system. Relearning how to read our bodies and believe our bodies takes time, and feels a bit woo-y in the process. 

I find the greatest healing happens when I attune to my client's needs and provide them the tools they need to forge their own change. My highly collaborative approach means that no two clients will ever receive the same treatment in the same treatment time frame. My goal for each of my clients is that they eventually won't need me. That means I provide a lot of information about how our brains and bodies work, share concrete coping skills, and work with each client to create their own toolbox to navigate their everyday life.  

Whether you're brand new to the world of therapy or list your core beliefs at the drop of a hat, I will support you as you find meaningful insight that leads to positive change. 

Iherapy looks a bit different with me than with others therapists or what you see on TV. Before we get into the thick of things, I want to prepare you with strong coping tools that work for you. Often when we share our narrative, we start to feel overwhelmed, and before we know it we're exhausted, feeling very exposed, and it's hard to come back--come back to our emotional baseline, back to being able to function, back to our bodies, and even back to therapy. It's like your story was a runaway train and you were helpless to avoid it. I don't want that for you! Or for anyone, for that matter. So instead, we go slowly. You'll learn how to read your body so you know when it's time to stop, leave that stress point, and then return when you are ready

You are in the driver's seat. I'm going to suggest routes, but you are the one at the steering wheel. I'm not here to crack you open, I'm here to help you feel whole


My values are steeped in Neurodivergent Affirming Philosophy. I am LGBTQ2S+ affirming and work from antiracist values. As a White, cis clinician, I regularly seek paid consultation from queer and BIPOC clinicians to improve my efficacy within my therapy practice. If you feel you would be better served by a BIPOC clinician, I am happy to support you in that by connecting you with one of my talented colleagues. 

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