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Do you offer telehealth? 

Yes! Learn more about teletherapy here

Are you seeing clients in-person? 


What are your session fees?


50 minute sessions: $245

Prorated for 75 and 90 minute sessions (recommended for some EMDR processing)


50 minute sessions: $285

Prorated for 75 and 90 minute sessions 

The No Surprise Act Notice explains your general rights under Federal law.

Do you take insurance? 

I am not in-network with any insurances, however I can provide you a superbill for possible reimbursement. To offer a superbill, I must add a diagnosis code which will be part of your permanent medical history. Please contact your insurance directly to find out your out-of-network mental health coverage. Many PPOs will cover 50-85% of the session fees after the out-of-network deductible has been met. My services can also be paid for through HSAs and FSAs. 

What forms of payment do you take? 

I take credit card, cash, check, Zelle, and Venmo. I require a credit card on file for all active clients. 

How frequently do I need to come to therapy? 

This really depends on your needs. I suggest all clients start at least weekly sessions since starting therapy can bring up thoughts and feelings that may need extra support. Some clients choose to come twice a week while others will choose to come less frequently. 

What is your cancellation policy?

I require a 48 hour cancellation or the client is responsible for the session fee. Clients are always welcome to switch from in-person to virtual to make it easier to attend therapy. 

What if I start therapy with you and then realize I don't really want you as my therapist? 

I want you to have an amazing therapeutic experience. Sometimes, that means that I move from the active role as your therapist to someone in the universe cheering you on from afar. That said, I ask that you tell me about your choice in session so we can process any feelings that come up for you and we can wrap up our time together. I am also more than happy to provide referrals to someone who may be a better fit for what you are looking for.

Do you have to keep confidentiality? 

Absolutely. Licensed Clinical Social Workers follow strict ethical and legal mandates when it comes to confidentiality. Like all other medical and mental health professionals, I must follow HIPAA guidelines. Beyond any outside factors, I regard confidentiality as one of the critical pieces of therapy and building trust. The only time I would be legally required to break confidentiality is:

  • A client shares that they are a danger to themselves (suicidal) or others (homicidal) 

  • A child, older adult (65+, regardless of mental state or competence), or dependent adult is being harmed 

  • I receive a subpoena from a judge and my lawyer is unable to petition for an excusal  

If I do have to break confidentiality, know that it is never a punishment. As appropriate, I will guide you and connect you with the care you need to ensure you and those around you are safe. ​

Will you curse in our session?

Probably. Most likely. If that's something you are uncomfortable with, let me know. 

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