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Pregnant Woman

Very few things are as transformative as pregnancy and parenthood. Each pregnancy and each child will require aspects of ourselves we did not even know we possessed. You may recognize the feelings around your own childhood are beginning to resurface and that the patterns you keep falling into are patterns you do not want to pass on to your child. You may just be super overwhelmed--how can one little body create so much and varied bodily fluids, seriously. As you find your footing in your new role as parent, I am here to support you and hold space for your exploration. 

If you experienced a traumatic birth, know that you are not alone. I work with clients and their partners to hold space for and process their experience. One of the most invalidating, cruel societal expectations is "anything for a healthy baby." Your health, physical and mental, matters. And if your baby isn't healthy, you have a right to more support than just others' pity.


Many parents find that through those early days of parenting, they feel numb or angry. It's hard to connect with the new baby--this tiny person that you may have wanted, but now has totally upturned your life. You may be experiencing an added layer of guilt and shame around this, or you just want to find the other side of this emotional desert. Or you love your baby so much that you stay up with racing, intrusive thoughts while the baby sleeps that one blessed 3 hour stretch. Peripartum Mood Disorders--Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, and Postpartum Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are all common experiences and you deserve the appropriate level of care if you are in this season of life. 

A baby will also shift your relationship. If what used to work for your relationship is no longer cutting it or you are finding it hard to connect with each other in your new roles, couples therapy may be able to help you both. 

Whether you think you have a Paripartum Mood Disoder or things are just rough, I am here for you.

I work with parents and co-parents, including seahorse dads, NB gestational parents, non-romantic parenting partnerships, queer families, and more. 

Are you a part of the homebirth community? Learn more about homebirth-centered care here. 

Learn more about my approach here​. Fees are located in the FAQs. 

Image by Liv Bruce
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