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Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy

What is neurodivergent affirming therapy? 

I work with clients who were told throughout their life that they were "too much" or "not enough" and often told both of these things. Often. They have been told for as long as they can remember that if they just tried harder or cared more things would be different. Easier. Better. Yet, they are trying so hard, all of the time. They sacrifice their own mental health to try to put others first. Or they have just stopped trying to engage with the social contract whatsoever. Maybe they even tried traditional therapy before just to "do everything right" without seeing much of a change. 

You are enough. You probably have things to work on and things that aren't aligning with your needs, but that doesn't mean you aren't worthy of care and respect. That is where the work we'll do together starts. As someone with both professional and lived experience, I understand how hard navigating the neuronormative world can be. I will never "turn someone neurotypical," but instead work to find new ways to meet your needs as you move towards living a more connected life that allows you to reach your goals and express your values. 

Learn more about me here and what therapy is like with me here

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